Fix cable & accessory problems.


How many times have you purchased a product, only to have one of its cables break soon-after, making the product itself virtually useless? It’s infuriating: A product that requires a charger isn’t worth much without the charger cable. Products that connect via USB are worthless if the USB cable is broken. And this is the worst: Have you ever had a great pair of headphones that you really liked, and then one day the cable went kaput? I’ve had more than enough frustration with broken cables in my personal life; but it’s my experience in this area in my professional life that I’d like to tell you about here.

I’ve worked for many consumer electronics companies, and every one of them had the same problem: Cables broke, which caused customers to complain. Then, the volume of angry customers was so high that the company couldn’t take all their calls.

Guess what happened then? You guessed it: That made the customers even more frustrated! And it wasn’t just cables. It was all types of parts and accessories: Buttons came loose and broke off, user manuals were lost, and remote controls were chewed up by dogs. So what is the way out for companies suffering from this madness? Well, it’s a no-brainer right? What any company selling consumer electronics and other types of products needs to do is get replacement cables, parts or accessories to their customers as fast as possible. But as Shakespeare said, “Ay, there’s the rub.” If you don’t have the right RMA software, you’ll find yourself running around, buying postage stamps, manually printing shipping labels, shipping multiple accessories to the same customer in different boxes, and basically, making a lot of mistakes. In short, you could find yourself in the middle of a mess of an operation that’s a huge headache for you and does not provide your customers with the service they deserve. In order to quickly replace broken or lost cables and accessories in as painless a way as possible for your customers, here’s what your company needs to do:

  1. Provide your customers a smooth path to inform you that they need a replacement part or cable. In other words, don’t make them spend an hour on the phone waiting in a queue listing to the one type of music they don’t like.
  2. Generate a list of the cables and accessories that are required to be shipped.
  3. Seamlessly connect to USPS to print a batch of shipping labels with packing slips to provide to your shipping department.
  4. Automatically inform your customers the moment that their cable, part or accessories are shipped.

Now, that may sound like a lot. But what if I told that this is all easy if you have the right software solution for after-sales service? That brings me to the company I work for now. Our business is helping YOU solve problems.

Find out how we can help you manage your cable, part and accessory shipments with ease.

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