Features for better service.


Any company that sells physical products faces many challenges. The most important phase of the entire product life cycle is after-sales service. This is where your company’s reputation is made or broken. Product failures and other issues that require services to be performed will always be a reality. But it’s how you handle these problems that will define you as a company. The key is to provide a painless, well-organized and transparent returns process where the customer is notified promptly with each status update. You also need to evaluate why your products are coming back with testing and reporting.

So what are the features that a complete system for after-sales service must have? We’ve compiled this list of features that we think are necessary for outstanding service:

Returns Processing

  • Separate access levels for user, manager and administrator
  • Users can be assigned or denied access to specific return centers
  • Multiple brands
  • Multiple return centers
  • View reports on returns – In Process, By Product, By Action, By Reason, Average Turnaround Time
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited custom categories for products, return reason & flag reason
  • Serial number verification
  • Barcode labels allow easy return lookup with scanner
  • Multiple actions for returns: Repair, Replace & Return As Is
  • Upgrade products or replace with a different product
  • Multiple return types: Standard, Ship Only, Receive Only, Receive & Credit, Credit Only
  • Lookup returns by RMA#, Serial Number, Customer Info or Shipping Tracking Number
  • Automatic flow of returns through the processing cycle as users perform tasks
  • Route returns to a specific return center based on product
  • Multiple products and quantities per return
  • Export customer, returns and other data to CSV files
  • View reports on product tests and most common failures
  • Define custom tests for products
  • Parts request tracking

Find out more about a great system for RMA tracking.


  • Address verification
  • View reports on products received and shipped
  • Integrated shipping with major carriers
  • Batch print labels for UPS, FedEx and USPS to label printers
  • Create custom shipping methods that can be restricted to some users only
  • Send prepaid labels to customers via email
  • Tracking information sent to customers when products ship
  • Track accessory items received and shipped
  • Advance replacements and prepaid labels

Get a system with seamless shipping with major carriers built-right in. 

Customer Service

  • Customer portal for self-service
  • Fully customizable Logo, Homepage, Header/Footer & CSS
  • Customers can submit requests and check status of returns and parts requests
  • Automatic email notifications sent to customers with each status change
  • Custom email templates
  • Define custom business rules to determine which email template is sent
  • Flag returns for action required
  • Custom action groups to assign team members to tasks

See how you can provide better customer service.

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