The top 3 reasons to upgrade your customer service software.


Is your customer service software really good enough for your company? Sure, it’s better than email alone, but does it actually give you a competitive advantage? The reality is, fixing customers’ defective products is arguably the most important part of customer service. But most leading CRM solutions don’t address it at all. In fact, most companies don’t have an effective way for their customer service personnel to interact with receiving, repair and shipping departments to resolve warranty service issues.

You may be responding to customers’ requests quickly. You may have lots of great people on your customer service team. But that won’t amount to a hill of beans if your customers can’t get their products replaced quickly when they fail. No matter how nice and helpful you are, people won’t buy from you again if you don’t step up and shine when they really need you. On the other hand, if you can excel in solving their problems quickly, customer loyalty will grow and they’ll be actually be more likely to buy from you again. It’s clear that the right RMA software is key.

Do you want to turn product returns into return customers? Then you need to upgrade your customer service software. Here’s the top 3 reasons why:

1. Your customer service team is out of sync with your returns department. Every customer service rep needs to be completely empowered regarding all things RMA. They need to be able to issue RMAs, track returns, know the status of every return, and finally, they need a way to flag any return that requires special attention or instructions to make sure the customer’s needs are met. Does your current customer service software do this? Probably not. Do you know the status of a return, exactly where it is in your company, when customers call? Do you ever ‘lose’ returns, that nobody can find? If so, you need customer service software with returns management built in.

2. You don’t know WHY your products are being returned to you. Can you generate a report that shows the reasons for product returns within a specific time frame? If not, then how can your product development team make improvements? You should be looking at product returns as an opportunity to quickly spot problem trends and engage them proactively. The entire organization should have instant visibility into why products are coming back. You need an RMA solution that lets you create custom tests for you products, document which tests are failing, and then make that information available to everyone.

3. Your shipping department is disconnected from customer service. Customers want to know shipping status. When they ship a return back to you, they want to know when it is received. After that, they want to know the moment you ship a replacement back. They want easy access to tracking information. And those that call or email you expect that your customer service team will instantly know the latest tracking information for their package. If your shipping systems are not integrated with your customer service software, you’ll have a hard time meeting customer expectations. The result will be increased call volume and stress on your customer service reps. The solution is to have a system with shipping built in. This way, everyone knows as soon as a return or accessory shipment is shipped. If you’re interested in meeting all the needs of your customers – not just customer service – you need a complete solution for after-sales service. The best RMA solution has all these features built-in. You need an upgrade.

Give us a chance to help you truly support you customers and build brand loyalty.

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