FedEx Home Delivery – Faster than UPS?

FedEx_Home_Delivery_logoSupportSync has added support for FedEx Home Delivery service to our INTEGRATED SHIPPING MODULE.

The Home Delivery service is – according to FedEx – faster to more residential locations that UPS Ground.

“In fact, Saturday is a standard delivery day, so there’s no additional charge. Plus, FedEx Home Delivery is supported by a money-back guarantee.” – FedEx

Find out more about FedEx Home Delivery here.

About SupportSync RMA Software

SupportSync lets you create and track product returns and prepaid labels for your customers. You can create returns from Zendesk and Freshdesk, and shipping is built-in. FedEx Home Delivery is just one of the shipping services that we support.

We also enable the creation of prepaid return labels, even by your customer service reps. Most customers now expect for companies to pay for return shipping. SupportSync makes the process of generating prepaid return labels a lot easier and lets you include the whole team so everyone is on the same page.

Perhaps the most important benefit of returns management software is transparency: The customer service manager, shipper and the customer themselves need easy access to the latest info and insight into each others’ workloads and contributions. Access to customer feedback is also extremely important.

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