FedEx Home Delivery – Faster than UPS?

FedEx_Home_Delivery_logoSupportSync has added support for FedEx Home Delivery service to our INTEGRATED SHIPPING MODULE.

The Home Delivery service is – according to FedEx – faster to more residential locations that UPS Ground.

“In fact, Saturday is a standard delivery day, so there’s no additional charge. Plus, FedEx Home Delivery is supported by a money-back guarantee.” – FedEx

Find out more about FedEx Home Delivery here.

About SupportSync RMA Software

SupportSync lets you create and track product returns and prepaid labels for your customers. You can create returns from Zendesk and Freshdesk, and shipping is built-in. FedEx Home Delivery is just one of the shipping services that we support.

We also enable the creation of prepaid return labels, even by your customer service reps. Most customers now expect for companies to pay for return shipping. SupportSync makes the process of generating prepaid return labels a lot easier and lets you include the whole team so everyone is on the same page.

Perhaps the most important benefit of returns management software is transparency: The customer service manager, shipper and the customer themselves need easy access to the latest info and insight into each others’ workloads and contributions. Access to customer feedback is also extremely important.

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Create and track RMAs in Freshdesk with new app!


SupportSync is pleased to announce the availability of our new app for Freshdesk. Now Freshdesk users can create and track customer returns (RMAs) without ever leaving the Freshdesk platform.


SupportSync manages all aspects of your Product Returns Management process in one easy-to-use cloud-based system. Some of SupportSync’s RMA features include:

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Case Tracking
  • Automated Updates
  • Expedited Shipping
  • Integrated Shipping
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Real-Time Return Status
  • Reduced Errors
  • Quicker Resolution
  • Lower Customer Attrition

Our RMA software helps small to medium-size businesses handle product returns in an efficient, customer-friendly way. Track returns, quickly view customers’ service history, and get real insight on why your products are coming back and how your team is performing.

Our integrated shipping features allow you to print labels and packing slips from your Endicia (USPS), UPS, or FedEx accounts, create and send prepaid labels, print labels for single shipments, or run a batch process for multiple shipments without ever leaving the SupportSync application.

Always have a clear picture of service history, including cases, returns, and parts requests. Our portal makes it easy for your customers to contact you and get status updates. SupportSync also provides apps for Zendesk and Freshdesk that make it easy to create and track returns without leaving either platform.

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How to Successfully Scale Customer Service as Your Small Business Grows

Successfully Scale Customer Service as Your Small Business Grows

When your small business grows, one of your first thoughts should be how to scale customer service. How can you maintain the same level of care for your customers when you double or triple in size? This is a challenge every small business hopes for, yet when it arrives it can be a daunting task to face. Your customers, new and existing, expect the highest level of customer service. It is not only your job to deliver that but to also ensure no disruptions to their experience despite any changes – positive or negative – happening in your business.

Here are a few effective ways to scale your customer service operation effectively as your small business grows.

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Using Returns Data to Improve the Customer Experience

Returns Data Improves the Customer Experience

Analytics is a trending topic for companies dealing with product returns. Returns data provides an incredible amount of insight into why returns are happening so patterns can be broken, returns minimized, and the overall customer experience improved.

Knowing why your products are being returned and analyzing which products are returned most, for example, is incredibly powerful. You can improve inventory planning, conduct more in-depth product testing, and make adjustments to your products to improve your sales and return rates.

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Is ticketing software enough for great service?

Is basic ticketing software really adequate to support your products effectively when problems arise?

SupportSync goes beyond ticketing to let your whole team work together so you can provide the best product support possible.

Our customer portal allows you to create an online support page in minutes, making it easy for your customers to contact you anytime, and track the status of their requests and product returns. Plus, you have the ability to track and reply to customer requests, quickly create product returns, and always have your customers’ service history at a glance.

Receive and process product returns more efficiently, keeping your customers informed with automatic status updates. You can also assign special instructions to prevent mishaps. Want to keep track of why your products are coming back? SupportSync allows you to generate failure reports to spot problems and test and record the results.

Creating shipping labels is a breeze with our integrated shipping tools. You can even issue prepaid return labels when special services are required and run reports to see how your team is performing.

It’s important to you that your products are the best – shouldn’t your support software be as well?

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