5 Most Powerful Customer Service Tools for 2016


Customer service is becoming more top of mind for companies today. In fact, Zendesk recently reported that 40% of companies lose business to competitors due to poor customer service. In order to provide the best customer experience possible, companies have invested in more tools and software that facilitate positive brand interactions and empower customers. Some of these tools focus on customer relationship management or a full customer experience (like SupportSync), while others are more centered on specific functionalities such as live chat or social media communities. Here are 5 tools that can totally transform your customer service operation for little to no investment:

Customer Portal

A customer portal is perfect for more self-sufficient customers because it gives them full control over their customer experience. Customers can log into the system to check the status of their order, view order history, search FAQ’s, request a refund/exchange, and more. It is a great investment because it reduces call volumes, helps customers quickly, and keeps your company organized.

Automated Emails While this is more of a tactic than a tool in dealing with customers, automated emails are a very powerful addition to customer service efforts. When your customers are informed, they’re happy. Simple emails that include order confirmations and tracking information make a big impact on customer satisfaction. Additionally, emails with subtle upsell suggestions and links to highly requested information can save time and increase profits. The key takeaway here is the more automation, the better!

Social Media

Companies often associate social media with their marketing efforts, but it is also a great customer service tool. Engaging with your customers on social platforms after a purchase will only improve your customer relationships and lead to more sales. In exchange for a small investment of your time, you can encourage customer reviews, respond to feedback or complaints instantly, and even poll customers on their favorite products/services. The possibilities are endless and the payoff is great.

Live Chat

Whether your goal is to offer instant support to existing customers or convert more leads by providing excellent customer service and answers to FAQ’s, live chat is a great tool. Live chat falls somewhere in between contact forms and telephone support. It takes fewer resources than phone support and improves customer satisfaction ratings in comparison to standard web forms. If you’re looking for a cost effective way to increase sales and keep customers happy, live chat is the way to go.


Polling customers throughout the customer lifecycle is a great business practice. Surveys provide great insight into how happy customers are and any additional support they need. It is a tool that builds trust and strengthens brand loyalty and can even be used as an upsell tool in some cases. Whether it is just after the initial sale, in response to a customer service inquiry, or after a product is returned, for example, surveys are an extremely valuable customer service tool. Click here to learn more about how to improve your company’s customer service practices in 2016 and beyond.

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