What is Product Support Software?

Product Support Software is designed for companies that require a single application that their entire team can use to handle ALL aspects of after-sales support, including customer service, RMA management, parts & accessory requests, shipping, product testing, reporting and more. Product Support Software goes well beyond the functionality of CRM or so called “Customer Service Software” and is the best choice for companies that are focused on product support issues.

Let’s look at some of the features that make SupportSync the best choice for companies of all sizes and industries that want to provide their customers with the best support possible.


It all starts with customer service. Our Customer Portal provides an easy way to setup a customized support site for your products. Customers can visit your support page to submit support requests and track shipments online. You can create your own help articles using our WYSIWYG HTML editor to provide important information to your customers. On the back end, your team can track support cases and easily issue returns and parts/accessory shipments when needed.


Product returns are the most important part of customer service to get right. Your customers expect a painless process to receive an RMA number and have their product serviced or replaced quickly. SupportSync features comprehensive RMA management functionality to help you delight your customers. And to avoid returns all together, use our Parts Request module to quickly send out parts or accessories to replace those that are broken, defective or missing.


Customers like to know where their shipments are. If you’re using a shipping system that’s not accessible by your customer service team, you’ll have a difficult time providing customers with the information they require. With SupportSync, shipping is built-in. This means that when a customer’s product is received or shipped, everybody on the team – and the customer – knows right away. We integrate with USPS (Endicia), UPS and FedEx so all you need to do is enter your account number and begin printing labels.


Every company that sells products needs to know what the most common reasons for return are. SupportSync let’s you define custom tests so you can test each unit returned to quickly spot product quality issues and fix them. Reports are available for every aspect of your product support operation, including customers, user activity, return reasons, products shipped and more. You’ll always have a clear picture of how your team, and your products, are performing. See the difference that Product Support Software can make for your business.

Try SupportSync free today!

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