Why should I pay for shipping?


Have you ever needed to return a defective product, only to find out that YOU were expected to pay for return shipping? I have. And I was NOT happy. If a product fails, it should be the company’s responsibility to get me a replacement FAST. If the failure is their fault, why should I, the customer, be expected to spend my hard-earned money to pay to return the product?

If a company really takes customer service seriously, they should offer two key services that are expected by most consumers today:

  1. Advance replacement. The company should send me a replacement right away. The failure is their fault, and I shouldn’t have to wait for them to receive my defective product before they send me a replacement.
  2. Prepaid Shipping Label. They should send me a label by email that I can simply print out and stick on the box. I shouldn’t have to pay for return shipping.

The problem is that many companies don’t have a system to allow them to effectively offer the services customers expect. If you’re one of those companies, there is a better RMA system available. Our RMA software helps small to medium-size businesses handle product returns in an efficient, customer-friendly way.

Find out how your company can meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

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